Be Brave & rub some Courage on it !!!! world famous Leather dressing.


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You will love our New Zealand made Leather dressing , the best stuff to apply as it really loves to give your tack a good drink, its easy to apply with just your hands straight on to any leather surface so good on leather chairs , saddles, shoes, boots, motor bike leathers Etc.
our “Pots Of Courage” contain no nasty chemicals so leaves your skin feeling soft and supple just like your leather, this product leaves no residue on the stitching so easy to apply in all those hard to reach places.
As we are 1st time advertisers on this site we are offering you a buy one get one free special, just mention you saw this add on our web site page when you place your order and we will send you the same 250grm pot for free .
Head to and place your order now $5 postage & packaging applies to all orders